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WELCOME TO REAL HOUSE – property service Novi Sad

Real House property service Novi Sad. We are a independent family ran property service establised and based in the Novi Sad. We offer residential and commercial properties ( apartments, houses, vikend houses, land, development land, chalets, rural properties) for sale in Novi Sad, Fruska Gora mountain and throughout Vojvodina (north part of Serbia) and we rent apartments, houses and commercial space in Novi Sad included short term rental apartments Novi Sad.

If we dont have the property that you require, just contact us with your requirements and we will find the right property for you.

We provide legal service and advice for our clients, all legalities associated with the purchase of a property in Serbia up to the completion of the sell.

Real House renovation service carries out all property renovation works for property in Novi Sad and Vojvodina.

More informaton coming soon…

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